SEVC Member, below are instructions for our first fundraiser. I


We will be selling bags of popcorn. We have an online store set up that will run for 30 days, where supporters can order directly from our webstore. All money raised will go toward your club dues. If you paid in full money raised can go toward your travel or parent gear. 


The expectation is that all players(parents) will participate and sell at least 10 bags. Each bag you sell you will earn $8-$10+ on the sale. The more bags we sell as a club the more you earn.  


Players should write down 20 names of people who they think might support. Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, Teacher, Dentist, Doctor, Parents Friends, Parents Coworkers. ANYONE!!!! It does not hurt to ask. 


All you will have to do is individually send them an email or text (Text is the best way 100% everyone sees a text). What you say is up to you, make it personal. You are raising money to help with you USA Volleyball club travel , club dues, ect. Make sure to include the webstore link 


When they check out to purchase make sure that they put your name as who they are supporting. 


My recommendation is that you go to the webstore and select a bag of popcorn, proceed to the checkout page and see what it looks like.  


Our Online Web Store URL to copy and paste https://abc.launchfundraising.com/orderinfo/FZQTTG 


Our fundraiser ends Jan5th. At that time all the purchased bags will be shipped by jan15th-20th to me to hand out to players, and it will be up to them to deliver them to their supporters.  


So again 

  1. Write down 20 names of people, Parents can write down 20 names as well  
  2. Write a personal text/email asking a supporter to support- Group text not recommend 
  3. Text/email those supporters with web store link 
  4. Follow up with them 
  5. After 5-10 days repeat the steps above with 20 new names, the more people you send your fundraiser to, the more potential money you can raise.    Below is the information sent from the fundraising company    ------------------------------------------------  Our Popcorn Fundraiser is ready! Let’s Raise Some Money!!!  Our Online Web Store URL is https://abc.launchfundraising.com/orderinfo/FZQTTG    
  1. The best way to promote our online web store is by texting all of your friends and family                 Don’t do a group text! Text each contact individually and add their name and personalize your message to them.                  Tell them what we are raising money for etc. Ask them how they are doing etc. Be friendly!  You can copy and paste (open this email on your phone):  Help raise money for South End Volleyball Club https://abc.launchfundraising.com/orderinfo/FZQTTG