Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable youth to experience and achieve positive goals, positive self-image, and make healthy lifestyle choices through the sport of volleyball.


Our Philosophy as a premier volleyball club is to promote opportunities for individuals and families as they experience volleyball. The coaches, players and parents of the South End Juniors are asked to recognize their unique role as a member of a select group of individuals. As part of that select group we are encouraged to be prideful of our accomplishments, yet humble when showing it; we are encouraged to be competitive, but respectful to our opponents; we are mindful of those who have helped us achieve our goals, and we will take the time to help others who are striving to accomplish the same.

We recognize RESPECT is a main ingredient to success, and Respect for ourselves, Respect for our teammates, Respect for our Coaches, Respect for our Parents, Respect for our Opponents. Without respect ... we cannot accomplish our goals.

We have high standards for our athletes and coaches with regard to the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco. We encourage academics as a basis for adult life. We understand college programs look for players who know how serious academics are to the college athlete.

In many clubs, each player is at the mercy of their individual coach, in regards to that coach's technical training, tactical solutions and coaching experience. Too often practices are poorly planned, organized, and executed and fail to give each player the chance to reach their full potential. The South End Jr's have a different philosophy which allows each player the opportunity to receive the same quality of training from a CADRE of coaches maximizing the talents of the Total Coaching staff. We have implemented a master coach program that will allow ALL players and coaches to benefit. The Master Coach/CADRE System will ensure all players are benefiting from the years of experience from EACH coach. The FULL SEASON will be planned out, with the practices planned in single week blocks to assure quality and balanced training. Each player / team will HAVE their own FULL TIME COACH FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON. But all the coaches will work together in the planning and conducting of the instructional sessions.